Tarot: The Symbolic Alphabet of the Universe

4-Week Introductory Webinar

Sundays starting Sept 15 - October 16

2:00-3:30pm (PST) // 5:00-7:30pm (EDT)

Tarot (TAH-roe) is a powerful spiritual guidance system that helps us find clarity, insight, and a sense of direction as we navigate the adventure of life. Its one of the most popular tools of divination used in the modern world, but it’s still very misunderstood and allot of the books and online classes on Tarot just barely scratch the surface of what it’s capable of.

Qabalistic Tarot digs deep into the heart of the Tarot – which is and always has been fundamentally built in the stars…. In Astrology. That’s why I decided to create this 4-week immersion into the wonderful world of the Qabalistic Tarot!

In this course, you’ll learn:

- How to use Tarot to gain deep, profound insight into your everyday life issues

- Astrological interpretations of the cards that bring the Tarot alive in a rich and vivid way

- Simple daily tools you can use to quickly read Tarot like a seasoned professional

- How to get to the core of the reading and provide specific, tangible advice for both you and your eager friends and family Once you learn the Astrology behind the Tarot, you’ll always have a wealth of tools to go deeper and deeper into giving more accurate and life-changing readings.

You’ll leave this course feeling confident in the foundations of Qabalistic Tarot and ready to begin a fulfilling practice of Tarot divination for many moons to come!

4-Week Tarot Immersion