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MYCHAL A. BRYAN has been a student of Divination & the Western Esoteric Tradition since 2005. He has spent all of his childhood and adult life honing his skills in Traditional Western Divination, of which Classical Astrology, Hermeticism, & Qabalistic Tarot are the pillars. He combines the various traditions of his lifelong studies into his spiritual counselling and hypnotherapy practice.

Mychal is an avid student of Medieval/Renaissance Astrology, and seeks to bring these historical ways of living with Astrology strongly to the forefront of our modern lives. He is a Mnemonist (a memory athlete) and has used these skills to store a formidable amount of classical literature, aphorisms, and philosophy in his mind. His background includes an in-depth study of Qabalistic Tarot divination & philosophy, Classical Interrogatory Astrology (Horary/Questions, Electional, & Events), Iyengar Yoga, Jikiden Reiki, Geomancy, & ancient Rune lore.

As a practicing Certified Advanced Horary Astrologer (CSH-II), he continuously studies classical literature on Horary Astrology from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. His Qabalistic Tarot studies are fueled by the classical works of Paul Foster Case and Aleister Crowley. Passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge, Mychal leads a comprehensive education program in both Qabalistic Tarot and Classical Horary Astrology. His ability to juxtapose multiple classical perspectives, while maintaining the inherent integrities of each has helped him create an embodied and organic teaching style.

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astro-heritage + mentorship

Mentorship and apprenticeship are most important to Mychal. He is mentored by Meira Epstein in all branches of Astrological calculation, predictive techniques, Uranian Astrology/Cosmobiology, Jewish mysticism/Kabbalah, and in teaching all levels of the NCGR curriculum. He is also directly mentored in Classical Horary Astrology by Dr. J. Lee Lehman, PhD who is considered to be one of the foremost classical Astrologers in the world and one of the leading authorities on Classical Horary Astrology today. He continues to study Classical Interrogatory Astrology (Horary/Questions, Electional, & Events) one-on-one with Dr. Lehman. Mychal is one of only 3 Astrologers in the world to graduate from her Advanced Classical Studies in Horary (CSH-II) Astrology program. He has also completed Lehman’s Classical Studies in Electional Astrology and Classical Natal Astrology apprenticeships, and is currently completing his Classical Mundane Astrology apprenticeship with her.

He offers in-depth professional programs for both Qabalistic Counselling (Tarot), Classical Horary Astrology, & Classical Natal Astrology. He also offers mentorship in all aspects of astrological calculation, theory, and practice for students specifically seeking to take the NCGR-PAA professional Astrologer’s exam (Levels I, II, & III).

In his free time, he studies and practices classical Western Geomancy and uses it alongside his private consultative practice.

A lifelong student of Traditional Western Occultism, he is now working on his first book titled "Qabalistic Tarot: The Astrologer's Field Guide to the Cosmos", set to publish in 2019.