Foundations of Classical Astrology (Bridge Program)

I teach a comprehensive introduction to Classical Astrology based on the 13th Century text Liber Astronomiae (otherwise known as Guido Bonatti’s Book on Astronomy) by medieval Italian Astrologer Guido Bonatti. From there, we time travel backward to the early 9th century Arabic Astrologers and forward to the late 17th century Renaissance Astrologers to develop a rich understanding of primary principles within Classical Astrology and how that firm foundation can inform our astrological practice and thinking today. This is a bridge program insofar as it bridges the gap between what you may currently know about Astrology and it’s classical philosophical and and metaphysical roots. You can purchase a copy of Bonatti on Basic Astrology: Treatises 1-3 (brilliantly translated by Dr. Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD) from Amazon or from the author’s website.