• Do you want to find more happiness and flow in your love life?

  • Do you want to feel more freedom and less stress in your career?

  • Or do you want to find out what transformational actions you can take to move boldly and confidently towards your specific emotional, financial, or spiritual future?

    Then booking a reading with me will be absolutely key in you feeling more powerful and more clear about your life.

The insight I've received in over 15 years of Astro-Divination practice has completely changed my life. 

I'm sure it can do the same for you, or at least change your relationship to whatever situation, challenge, or transition you are currently faced with. 


It's simple



(Online, Phone, or In-Person @ my location; travelling fee applies)

***I offer a $50 discount off of this 1-hour live session if you are willing for my analysis of your reading to be featured on The True Divination Podcast. If not, normal prices apply.***

In 1-hour, we can thoroughly unpack TWO questions that you feel are both burning within your heart using Tarot & Horary Astrology. 

  • ONE HORARY QUESTION |$150USD| (Email Only)

Clear, precise, and specific, a Horary reading will give you a straightforward interpretation of the factors involved in your Question and whether it will perfect (come to pass) or not. I then go on to outline how I came to my judgement through the steps I take to interpret the chart. I am open to answering a maximum of TWO follow-up Questions regarding the specific reading you received at no additional cost. 2-3 business days.

  • NATAL CONSULTATION |$300USD| (90-minutes)

The Nativity (birth chart) is a powerful roadmap that reveals the potential that we are born into this world with and the ways in which that potential may unfold as we move through Time. Through an analysis of the elements of your Nativity I will describe in detail how the symbols impact the person who you are, the people you will meet, the places you will go, and the lessons you’ll learn along the way as you make your voyage through life. 3-5 business days.


Classical Solar Returns have nothing to do with travelling somewhere for your birthday. The Classical Solar Return chart reveals the story and the fate of the affairs of your life for the year ahead, while illuminating the key areas of your life where you will need to focus. This isn’t a general reading. Come prepared with 2-3 specific Questions that you would like guidance on regarding the year ahead, and we will go on a journey through time to see how your Solar Return of the previous year brought you to where you are now and how the Solar Return for the coming year reveals the immediate future and how best to plan for it. 3-5 business days.


Detailed analysis of the year, month-by-month. Find out what your year ahead has in store for you, as well as a month-by-month analysis of what to expect in general or in a specific area of your life as the year progresses.

  • EMAIL TAROT CONSULTATION |$150USD| for the first question // $80USD for each additional question

(Can also be a downloadable video recording instead of an email)

I provide a summarized assessment of your situation, then individually go through each step of my process so you can see how I arrived at my conclusion.  If I determine that the Question you ask is also a valid Horary Question, I will also send a detailed outline of the chart and the most probable outcome of your concern based on all the astrological factors. 2-3 business days.

Services Offered


All fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. While I have been a practitioner of my Craft for many years, I am not infallible. What you are paying for is my time and knowledge. As with everything in life, your decision remains always in your own hands.


As practitioners of Divination, we are essentially studying time and the relationship of our human affairs to it. If you have to cancel for a reason that is truly urgent 24 hours WITHIN OR BEFORE our scheduled consultation, we can defer your reading to a next date within a two (2) week period of the originally scheduled time at no additional cost insofar as my schedule can accommodate it. If you have to cancel our re-booked session, you will not receive a refund and will have to go through the process of booking a reading again should you still desire one.


  • Can I ask only one question at a time?

One or two follow up Questions on the main question are fine at no additional cost. Two completely different Questions are not okay because it means the person isn’t adequately focused on either Question in order to get a focused and clear delineation on either.

  • I’ve asked my Question to another Diviner before. Can I ask you the same Question in order to get a second opinion?

No. You cannot. The moment of Divination is as specific as the moment of your birth. And in the same way as your birth cannot be replicated, the cosmic moment of a Question cannot be replicated. If you present me with the chart or the cards that the other Consultant erected for you, I can offer my interpretation of that reading at a $100USD fee. However, once you’ve already asked a Question, that same Question cannot be asked again, especially if the circumstances surrounding it have not changed.

  • How should I prepare for a reading?

The ancients recommended that you should contemplate your Question in your heart for a day and a night before asking it, and so do I. Questions should be purposeful, intentional, and rooted (Bonatti, 13th century). The more potent and specific the Question, the clearer the answer that is given. If you book a Video (or phone) call with me, please know that the time we spend discussing the Question will be time taken from the call itself. So come with your Question ready.

  • I know the general area of my life I want to focus on, but I’m having trouble articulating a specific Question. Can I still book a reading?

Yes. Knowing the area of life you want to focus on is the first step in formulating the Question. So let’s work together. I’ll take care of the rest.

  • Can’t I just do a “General Reading”? I don’t want to give you too much information, I just want you to “read” me so I can see if this actually works or not.

I don’t need you to provide me with information or to fill in the blanks of your story in any way at all. I just need a clear and salient question. At the end of the day, the final conclusion as to what is a clear and salient Question will be mine, and I will work with you to clarify what it is that is truly at the heart of what you want to know. All of this is done before the reading is actually given.

Please know that I do not give General Readings, and quite frankly feel as if there is no such thing. This is my policy. If you feel you have a “general inquiry” or just want to see what the stars or cards have to “say” to you, then I am not the person you should work with.

Secondly, most people come to me when faced with a serious decision to make or when they are at a major crossroads in their lives. If you are coming to get a reading solely out of curiosity, or to “see if it will work”, I am not the person you should work with.

If you feel there is something specifically burning within your heart that you would like guidance on now in your life, then let’s work together.

  • What can’t you do with Horary Astrology & Qabalistic Tarot?

While I do believe the possibilities for both these methods to be endless, I myself am the one with the limitations. So here’s what I can’t do:

  • I can’t tell you the name of your unknown, but future Lover

  • I can’t tell you in what country you will find said Lover (unless you suggest a country and we do the reading based on that)

  • I can’t tell you what your "“Purpose” in life is (even though I can give you a pretty good idea of some areas in which you may be good at)

  • I can’t tell you where your missing cat is (though missing cat questions seem to be all the rave in Horary Astrology, and I can definitely point you in the direction of minds far superior than my own who specialize in the good old fashion Missing Cat Horary)

    Well if you can’t find my missing cat, then what can you do?

I may yet be able to find the missing cat. However, I feel far more comfortable answering Questions like:

  • Shall we remove (should I move from Place A to Place B?)

  • Will my business venture be a success?

  • Is he my soulmate? (Though be warned: the answer is usually NO)

  • Should I quit my job and go back to school?

  • Should I buy this house?

  • Will she ever pay me back?

And the more heavy hitting ones…

  • What is the root of my smoking addiction and how can I overcome it?

  • How can I heal the relationship between my mother and I?

  • I feel deeply dissatisfied in my life. How can I find greater fulfillment and joy?

  • Is he my soulmate? (Because, sometimes you’ve just gotta know)

Got a question? I'm here to help.

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