Become a skillful and confident Classical Horary Astrologer who interprets Horary Charts like a pro.

I’ll teach you where to start and how to identify the key pieces in your Horary chart, you’ll learn what to say about what you see, and you’ll learn how to arrive at a crystal-clear judgment each and every time at the end of your readings.

NOTE: The ORACULOS Classical Horary Astrology Apprenticeship (OCHAA-1) is for people who are already very well-versed in Classical Astrology. If you love Astrology, but need to start from the very beginning or you need to refine your grasp of classical concepts, check out the New To Classical Astrology section below! I’ll get you to where you need to be to take the OCHAA-1 Training with joy and ease.



WHERE TO LOOK FIRST: Determining the most important players in a Horary Chart.

  1. Which houses to look at for significators.

  2. How many significators should a Querent or Quesited have.

  3. What does it mean to have the Moon as a Co-Significator.

  4. Almuten Rulers.

  5. Using Triplicity Rulership in Horary.

  6. The Lots of Fortune & Spirit in Classical Horary Astrology.

  7. 7-Step Horary Interpretation System.


WHAT TO SAY ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE: How to skillfully describe the strength and conditions of planets in a Horary Chart where they are presently located (Essential & Accidental States).

  1. What the Angles Portend.

  2. Essential Dignities vs. Debilities.

  3. Accidental Fortitudes vs. Debilities.

  4. Solar Conditions (Cazimi, Combustion, Under-The-Beams, Opposition).

  5. Retrogradation.

  6. Antiscia/Contra-Antiscia.

  7. Planetary Scoring.


INTEGRATING SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Determining helpful vs. harmful influences within a chart and how to talk intelligently about them.

  1. On Reception & Mutual Reception - When it aids and when it doesn’t.

  2. Identifying power aspects to tell the story.

  3. Identifying Past action of the Moon, the Querent, and the Quesited.


JUDGMENT: How to arrive at a definitive judgment every time.

  1. Beyond Yes/No: How to give comprehensive responses to Horary Questions.

  2. What facilitates perfection.

  3. What impedites Perfection.


PRACTICUM: Honing your own signature Horary system.

  1. Case Studies #1: Love, Relationships, Partnerships.

  2. Case Studies #2: Career & Entrepreneurship.

  3. Case Studies #3: Buying/Selling, Real Estate, & other Monetary Concerns.

  4. Preparing Written Cases.

  5. Professional Presentation/Lecture-Demonstrations vs. Consultative Style.