All Astro-Divination – whether it’s Horary Astrology, Geomancy, Qabalistic Tarot, or Cheiromancy (palmistry) – is rooted in Classical Astrology. If you are completely new to Astrology and/or Divination and want to get a solid foundation to become a thorough and proficient practitioner in any of these fields, this is the course for you. 

Astrology is vast, and it’s easy to get lost in the wide ocean of ideas, techniques, and concepts in the Astrological world. That’s why I want to help you establish a solid foundation in Classical Astrology so you can launch joyfully and confidently into whatever specific field of Astro-Divination specifically feels right to you. You will leave this 1-on-1 Apprenticeship having a living library of Astrology within your heart and mind and specific insight on where to go next with your Astrological studies.


  • How to Read an Ephemeris

  • Houses, Significators, & Turning the Wheel

  • Accidental Dignities & Debilities

  • Reception & Mutual Reception

  • Antiscia/Contra-Antiscia

  • Types of Planetary Activity & Relationships

  • Diurnal/Nocturnal (Sect)

  • Elements

  • Planets

  • Signs of the Zodiac

  • Thema Mundi & Domicile Rulership

  • Aspects & Harmonics

  • Essential Dignities & Debilities

PRACTICUM: In-class presentation of on-the-spot chart, followed by prepared presentation.

Book List

  • The New American Ephemeris 1950-2050 at Midnight by Rique Pottenger

  • Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy

  • Bonatti on Astrology (books 1-3) – Guido Bonatti, translated by Dr. Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD

Not required, but good to have especially if you plan on taking the Horary Course

  • Christian Astrology by William Lilly

  • Bonatti on Horary by Guido Bonatti, translated by Dr. Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD

  • Horary Astrology Re-Examined by Barbara Dunn

  • The Houses by Deborah Houlding

  • Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu’Mashar & Al-Qabisi by Dr. Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD