I believe that Horary Astrology and the Qabalistic Tarot are two sides of the same coin. Using these two giants side-by-side, I help you arrive at a solid conclusion regarding the final outcome of your Question. But, I also give you so much more.

Every Question has a life cycle – a birth, a youth, a maturation, and a final resolution. Each part of this organic life cycle impacts the unfolding of the other which makes the interpretation of each Question as unique as the person asking it. I uncover all parts of your Question’s life cycle so you can feel the unique imprint of yourself throughout our entire consultation together, and also so that you can feel a sense of peace and resolve when we arrive at the natural outcome of the circumstances that led up to your Question.

In over a decade of practicing Divination, I have come to learn that Tarot and Astrology are no mere self-help tools. The Tarot was systematically designed to be a map of the Cosmos, our relationship to it, and to show the ways in which the forces that govern Nature also move and find expression through our lives. Astrology is that Cosmos defined by the Tarot and shows us how the cycles of Time bring us to exactly where we are meant to be in each and every moment and how each and every moment is written in the stars.