What is Horary Astrology?

Horary (HOR-uh-ree) Astrology is the ancient method by which the answer to any sincere and meaningful question can be discovered through analyzing the chart of the heavens for the moment that the Question is born. When exactly is a Question born? Our astrological ancestors have long believed that just as the nativity of a child is the birth of the body, a sincere Question is the birth of the mind. The underlying philosophy of Horary Astrology is one that is built upon recognition of an unbroken and inevitable sympathy between us human beings on Earth below and the celestial dome of heaven under which we live. The Horary Astrologer views the moment when a serious Question is propounded as a sacred time in which the person who is moved to ask the Question (the Querent) and all the forces of nature come together to give birth not only to the articulation of the Question itself, but also to the ultimate unfolding of its Destiny. In the same way as the birth chart of a child reveals all that is to unfold within the course of that child’s life, the snapshot of the Heavens taken at the time of the birth of the Question similarly reveals the past, present, and the Fate of the Question that has been asked.


Celestial Divination of the Ancient World

Thus, Horary (or Questionary) Astrology is – like Tarot, I Ching, Runes, or Geomancy – a most capable and worthy system of Divination, a means by which we come into conscious communication with the Higher Intelligence of this Cosmos via an established symbolic language. Horary Astrology may even be the most pure, profound, and subtle system of Divination known to humankind, because in Horary our symbolic language isn’t a manmade representation of the Cosmos as those methods mentioned above. In Horary, our symbolic language is the vast stellar landscapes of Heaven itself, that in all its infinite expansiveness can still articulate an answer that is potently specific to the Question that burns most intensely within our hearts.

As one of only 3 Astrologers in the world to complete Dr. Lee Lehman’s Advanced Classical Studies in Horary Astrology program, I both practice and teach Classical Horary Astrology. My method is completely based on the Medieval/Renaissance approach to Horary, a pure tradition that is strong, simple, and as elegant as the architecture of the pyramids and consequently just as enduring. I offer a rigorous education in Classical Horary Astrology that takes students from being raw beginners in Astrology to being seasoned Horary practitioners and professional consultants.

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