Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer + psychic medium extraordinaire

I am very picky about who I allow to read me, and so when I recommend Mychal I don't do so lightly. He is highly skilled, compassionate, and gave me clear and directive advice.

His reading was accurate and focused, and his style made me feel like I was in a safe and supportive space. I can't say enough good things about Mychal's work!


Joey Gaskins,

political consultant

I went to Mychal to see if I could get some insight on a big decision I needed to make. Mychal’s Tarot reading didn’t make the decision for me, but gave me the insights I needed to make the best decision. I was surprised at the accuracy and I appreciated his sensitivity. I would recommend anyone to try it!


Ellen Key Cepeda,

founder of Eat Me Skinny

The first time Mychal read Tarot for me it opened up a whole new world! His reading was so profound that I insisted he begin to pass on his wisdom and I became his loyal student. After years of studying Tarot with him, I seamlessly progressed to becoming his Astrology student. Mychal possesses not only an ocean-depth of knowledge on both Tarot and Classical Astrology but an unusual ability to teach the material. He has mastered the information and the ability to transmit it... the true sign of understanding. His readings are deep and transformational. Mychal is of another world and we are collectively lucky to have his knowledge and insight.

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Dez Collington,

multidisciplinary artist + health polymath

My breathe began to dramatically deepen as my first Tarot session with Mychal took off. At several points I felt chills throughout my body with the resonance of what was coming through in the reading, what was being uncovered seemed to be giving words and sincere meaning to my enigmatic odyssey of a journey.

In our world's current state of growing awareness and seeking of truth and meaning, a Pandora's box begins to open for many of us. Support through mentorship and coaching is now a staple in our societies, however Mychal's guidance and talent for illumination takes this to a whole new, and much needed level of universal context. Giving inspiration to inspirers, illumination to illuminators, and truth to truth seekers in such a resonant and beautifully-articulated fashion is something you only come across from those who have done the deep work themselves. For Mychal to be endorsing the empowerment of our current and next generation of influencers in this time of exponential change through universal contexts and his talents in Astrology & Tarot is one of the most beautiful experiences I've been blessed to be a part of. Thanks for the tune-up Mychal.


Jalan Harris, visual artist

I was unfamiliar with tarot readings when I first came to Mychal. So I didn't know what to expect or what I would walk away with. Mychal was very patient though, he helped me pinpoint what I wanted to know from the cards. I was impressed with his eloquence and professionalism. The reading was a guide to how I would approach future projects and the state that I was currently in. Very accurate. Very insightful. I would strongly recommend him.


Santiago Hernandez,

certified iyengar yoga teacher

A great time in life to receive guidance is when things are going well. When one’s attention isn’t fixed on a developing crisis or absorbed by the pain of loss. When we are willing to listen. Listen beyond the confines of our own perception. Listen to the sounds that the Universe utters for us to learn and grow. Today, I was grateful to receive that universal guidance through Mychal. This was my first tarot reading since my last session 10 years ago. Mychal’s natural magnetism and kindhearted disposition prompted me to request for a session with him. I felt inspired by the clues that revealed themselves and came together. Pointing with a clear sense of direction at the answer of my question. I encourage you to book a session with Mychal, and received one of his insightful readings.


Holly Bynoe, artist + curator

Divination has recently become a tool of purpose and encouragement in my life. As I prepared to move into a new chapter–a significant shift–I thought to get some further guidance and a more profound vision of the bigger picture. Mychal was able to provide this with clarity, compassion and genuineness. His knowledge is vast, and he effortlessly draws from a pool of sacred wisdom, tradition and light to deliver that dharma; the truth that one needs ponder.

I came to my readings unsure of my strategies but was able to ascertain through his insight and kindness, a way to see the bigger picture of the shifts and energies around me and the moment I find myself in. Ever grateful for your gifts and the way you impart knowledge and care, beloved.


Matthew McCarthy,

visual artist

… I was pleasantly surprised that although I walked into the session unaware of what I needed help with, Mychal was able to explain to me through the use of the cards certain aspects of my past, present state of mind, and even possible personal outcomes as though we were close friends who spoke about my issues regularly. To walk away with answers to my questions that neither made me sad nor happy but fully aware and to have a new found clarity about this spiritual ecosystem we live in, I can safely say that Mychal is not only a great practitioner of his craft but also a great teacher. He reminded me to follow my intuition. Which for the most part was exactly the message I needed in the end.


"Mychal provided me with an insightful reading that helped me achieve greater clarity into the issues that were being questioned in my life. His open approach felt authentic, appropriate and respectful, and his thoughtful explanations of the cards and how they related to my questions provided me with meaningful advice and a new awareness of the issues surrounding my concerns. With his help, I was also better able to understand my current position as it relates to my questions and how to best move forward. Thank you Mychal for helping me to uncover my fears, and understand the most productive ways to face them."

- Erica C, Bahamas



“About the reading, what can I say? You’re really really good at what you do. This is the most intriguing and deep reading I received ... seriously. I feel you’re spot on with your words… I feel you were really spot on with this reading: I’ll have to meditate on many of your words with care. You’re talented, my friend. Thank you very much.”

— Alessandro, Italy



“This is absolutely amazing!... You are truly gifted.....I have read the email reading three times so far, and each time, I am enlightened with more wisdom. ”

— Pearl, Australia



"Your reading couldn’t have been more accurate. Thank you Mychal, for all your time and for this reading. It’s been a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your insight and hope that one day I can help someone the way you have helped me. You cleared the fog so to speak. I saw all the reversals but couldn’t figure out what they were trying to tell me. You cleared that up. ”

— Ramona, Australia