Quality spiritual education is important. If you’re here, you probably feel that way too. And if you’re here, you probably also know how difficult it can be to navigate the sheer number of books, opinions, and paths that are out there on the topics of Astrology and Tarot. This is why we find mentors – because we know that neither great physicians or great metaphysicians are born overnight. After studying tirelessly from some of the best teachers and authorities in the fields of Classical Astrology and Tarot, and spending virtually thousands of hours pouring over classical literature from these and other related fields, I’ve created a method of teaching Classical Astrology and Tarot that is rich, embodied, and heartfelt. Studying with me, you’ll have many reasons to pull out you Sherlock Holmes hat and work through the myriad of case studies I’ve gathered over the years. My commitment to you is that I’ll be by your side every step of the way and you’ll have an educational experience that will leave you feeling happy, stimulated, knowledgeable, clear about what you know, and full.


The missing link

Knowing what to study and when to study it is the missing link in Astrology and Tarot self-education. I’ve been there. After many years of trial and error with many techniques and approaches spanning several hundreds of years, I’ve condensed a foolproof curriculum that can take any enthusiastic student from raw beginner to seasoned practitioner in the most time effective and sequential way.Divination is a living study, and in order for it to give you the laser sharp results you seek, you have to let it take root within your heart. I help you fill in the gaps often left behind in trying to teach Divination to yourself. If you want to work with clients in a helpful and life-changing way, you need to know how to get straight to the heart of the matter. I can help you get there.




Whether you’re a Tarot neophyte or a star-watching Astrology lover, my unique method of teaching both these subjects will fill in many of the holes that get left in your self-education that the typical textbooks don’t provide answers to. You'll gain copious amounts of practical wisdom for how to use Divination within your daily life. At the end of studying with me you'll come to realize why I consider Tarot to be the Field Guide to the Cosmos and Astrology it’s language, and you'll learn how to use both to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and of the Universe around and within you.


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