Rock-solid mentorship has been the most important part of my own cultivation as a Classical Astrologer and Tarot Counselor. That is why I want to offer you the opportunity to get the same here at the Oraculos Astro-Divination Academy.



For those of you who are new to the fields of Astrology, Tarot, and all things Divination, the Entering the Craft Apprenticeship is perfect for you. You’ll learn how to train your eye like an Astrologer so that you understand the language and the art of Astrology. You’ll also gain the technical and creative skills necessary to make every Astrological chart come alive for you in a rich and dynamic way. At the end of this Apprenticeship, you’ll have an in-depth understanding not just of Astrology, but also of symbolism in general, that primes your mind for any form of Divination you may choose to pursue after.


In the Renaissance, Horary Astrology is where you began your journey into Astrology in general. This Horary Apprenticeship is a powerful starting point into the world of Classical Astrology. Here, you’ll take all the tools you gained in the Entering the Craft Apprenticeship and apply them in a powerful way to unlocking the secrets of Classical Horary Astrology. You’ll leave this Level 1 Practitioner’s Foundations Course confidently equipped to tackle any of the areas that I’ve found people ask about the most in my 15 years of Astrological Divination practice & study - Love, Career, Family, & Finances.


Tarot is the pictorial textbook to the wonderful world of Classical Astrology. In this course, you’ll learn how to give powerful, Astrologically-based Tarot readings that will bring your clients clarity, understanding, reverence, and empowerment. You’ll learn how to use Astrology alongside your readings to create even more profound results. Upon completion, you’ll walk away from this course ready to give powerful readings to others in a rich, inspiring, and deeply transformative way.


The Astrologers of the Medieval and Renaissance periods had a formidable memory. They memorized long lists of astrological Attributions, the seemingly random numbers in the Essential Dignities Table, magical correspondences, complex rituals, and copious rules and aphorisms pertinent to their craft. Now you can too! Learn how to store and recall Astrological information in your mind through Mnemotechnics – the Art of Memory. It was used by alchemists and astrologers of the past, and now I bring it to you in what may be the first mnemotechnic course on Classical Astrology.


I’ve specifically designed the Entering the Craft of Classical Astrological Divination course below for those of you who LOVE Astrology, but may be new to Classical Astrology philosophy and practice. This course is for EVERYONE: if you’re a seasoned Astrologer looking for a doorway into the vast landscape of Classical (Renaissance/Medieval) Astrology or if you’re a passionate raw beginner astro-lover who honestly doesn’t know the difference between an Ephemeris and the Equator, I’ll get you to where you need to be to practice Classical Horary Astrology like a pro. Click here or the link below for more info.